Short Tips for Successful Chrome Extension Sell

Hello my dear Chrome web Store extension developer! Today my suggestions will be exactly for you and it will be sent to improve your financial position.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a browser extension with a big user base or you are just on the start of creating your plugin. Today we will highlight both sides of this case. So  let’s start with our lesson.

Well then, you want to sell chrome extension. The first option that you already have a popular extension and want to earn money for it. All you need is just send us an enquiry via Sell chrome extension form. We are making you an offer and you consider about it.

The second option is more complicated. You have a dream about earning money and you have heard that some developers can sell chrome extension.

In this case you need to pick yourself up and create a really good browser extension and make all your efforts to promote it fast. To sell chrome extension profitable you’ll need to gather some user base. The temp of your extension’s growing up depends on its functional, quality of support and popularity. The action algorithm looks like this:

  • create a really good working browser extension
  • publish it in the Chrome web Store
  • promote your extension
  • sell chrome extension

Don’t think that it’s very hard to bring such project to life. Just start and you will see a new horizons. It’s always pleasant to know that all your efforts will be rewarded if you can sell chrome extension.


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