The Road from Developing to Selling Extensions, Add-ons and Toolbars

As a high-grade business developing browser extensions is a long and laborious process that needs skills and experience. It’s a reason to start developing right now and not just wait a suitable moment to get a prime piece of this profitable niche.

Clearly, you need at least basic knowledge in javascript developing to create a good product and it doesn’t matter if your final goal chrome extension sell or toolbar sell. Anyway your first stage is JS skills.  

The other very important thing is choosing a popular functional. Something without that users cannot imagine their life. Maybe we should go double or nothing sometime, because no one can guarantee that your extension will be loved by audience. Always remember diligence is a key to success of toolbar sell.

Effective toolbar sell relies on advance of your project. Would be better to give serious thoughts about its promoting before you’d start the project. It can be some advertisements or announcements on thematic forums and websites. There should be provided really good quality of chrome extension or add-on with functional that running like clockwork. Otherwise, users won’t like it and your dream for successful toolbar sell will be too far away.

Finally and one of the main thing is to find a buyer who will be able to make a really good offer to you. Don’t forget to leave the contact info at the Chrome Store in order to allow buyers contact you without let or hindrance. Also make efforts for toolbar sell by yourself. For example, websites or services that buy extensions and add-ons can significantly simplified the sell process.   

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