How can I sell my Google Chrome extension ?

If you want to sell Chrome extension, Firefox addon or browser toolbar, then you're in a right place. Use the form to send us an inquiry and we gonna make you an offer you can't refuse.

What do I need to sell google chrome extension?

Before buying Chrome store extension, Firefox addon or browser toolbar we need to review statistic from Google analytic. The main values we are interested in are daily active users and their GEO location. It's very important to gather this data from your browser extension for the last two-three days.

Do you buy firefox addons?

Yes, we do! Here you can sell Google extensions, Firefox addons and browser toolbars. Feel free to contact us with any product you have. We recommend you the best way to make profit from your product.

How can I protect my money and browser extension?

We use a smooth process to sell chrome store extension. At first we sign up an agreement where we fix the price and terms. Then we set a transaction at, service for security online payments. And finally you sell a browser extension via Google form. Google team approves each transfer, so it's an additional point of safeness for your chrome extension.

Do you use other services except

Yes, of course! You can choose any online service to sell Chrome store extension, Firefox addon or browser toolbar.

How many time takes to sell my Chrome store extension?

Usually you can sell chrome store extension from 1 to 7 days. We meet all your wishes in this deal. If you want to receive money fast, we'll do our best to help you to sell browser extension in the shortest time. If you need a time to consider about it, we'll consult you as much as needed.

How do you evaluate an approximate cost of chrome store extension?

We estimate the data from your Chrome store extension and consider your expectation about the price. You can visit our page "How can I sell my Google Chrome extension?" and send us a simple inquiry. We'll return to you shortly with an offer for your browser extension.