How it works

Sell browser extension just in a few steps. You have browser extension and we have all solutions to help you receiving money fast. We described the whole selling process below, so you can review this information. We are here to answer all your questions about how to sell google chrome extension.

Sign a Contract

We hold in respect all developers’ rights and anonymity. Legal agreement for payments and terms is the first step to sell browser extension. Simple and clear contract regulates rights of buyer and seller and ensure you’ll receive payment in term.

For Security we use Esrow service

No needs to worry and wait for payment. Advanced services for online transaction will do all the work for us! The most popular or any other you choose helps buy and sell products safely in a few steps:
  1. We submit payment to escrow before extension transfer
  2. Then you transfer a browser extension
  3. We approve this fact
  4. releases payment to you
It gives you a guarantee you sell chrome store extension safety and without any risk.

Fill Transfer Google Form

Transferring Chrome store extension is fast and clear. You need just to fill a Google form where you specify all needed information and we won’t have any access to your account. Browser extension will move from your developer’s account to our after your enquiry will be approved by Google team. It’s one more additional point of protection, because Google team track any activity and always ready to help with any question.

Transfer money in Escrow

Congratulation! You sell browser extension successfully and it’s time to receive money for your product. Once chrome store extension come to our account, we confirm this fact at escrow and since this your money is released. You are able to withdraw payment via any convenient method.

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