How can I sell my Google Chrome extension ?

If you ever wanted to sell your Chrome extension, Firefox addon or browser toolbar or you just wondering how much money can cost your product, then you're in a right place. Use the simple form below to send us an inquiry and we return to you shortly with an offer you can't refuse.

How much money will I get ?

We are here to make a fast and profitable deal, so we are setting a price that can fully satisfy your expectation. In order to make price estimation for browser extension we need an information from Google analytic. Such value as daily active users and their GEO location will be enough to calculate preliminary offer that we can discuss further. Just contact us today and find out how much money you can get from selling your extension.

How can I sell an extension safely without any risk ?

You shouldn’t be worried about the safeness of your money and browser extension. We use advanced services ( for online transactions in order to make you feel comfortable in working with us. We always sign up a simple legal agreement to prevent any fraud from both sides. Don’t hesitate to ask any additional question about extension protection.

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