The Recipe to Earn with Browser Add-on

If you are looking for new opportunities in online sphere, but don’t know how to begin, please read this small article, because there are shown some popular methods for earning. The only notice you need to have a browser add-on with some user base. If you already have, so these options can be useful for you.

Now then, there are some common methods that are widely used in the open space of the internet:

  • paid subscription
  • paid version
  • add-on monetization
  • add-on sell

Paid subscription is the easiest and the most clear option. Developer provides qualified support services for the corresponding price usually per month. While developer receives stable income, user receives good working product. This scheme works perfectly, but as a rule people don’t willing to pay a lot, so programmer needs to work hard in order to gain some solid monthly amount.

Paid version of browser add-on provides for some unique functional that users can’t copy from other free browser extensions. Author of a such add-on only needs to create a useful function at once, then set a price and look on if users like it. Comparing with other methods, for example add-on sell, option with paid version is also clear and about easy to maintain.

Add-on monetization is the most uncertain option that always provoke discussion between developers and users. One side is a big revenue and the other is unsatisfied audience and as a result is an userloss in case if you decide to show pop-unders or bunners as a method of monetization. There are some companies that can provide unobtrusive and invisible ads, but as I know, it isn’t so easy to approve the traffic, because quality ads need corresponding traffic.

The last one but I consider the most optimal option is add-on sell. The only difficulty is to find a big company that is able to pay for your extension. A great incentive for you is receiving money a year in advance without any further supporting or risks. There are companies who offers add-on sell. You can find them in the web. Also some individuals make this business which contacts you can find on thematic forums.

After all, may I remind you that this website also has a simple form to add-on sell if you decided consider about it.  

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