Expectation vs Estimation of Sell Chrome Store Extension Opportunity

The most exciting question for every developer is how much can I earn if I sell chrome store extension? It makes a long discussion between buyer and seller, because expectations of both sides often do not match. Would be better to be aware about how price is calculated and I’ll try to highlight points below.

Active audience will be more than helpful in order to sell chrome store extension for desired price. Estimation depends on amount of active users as well as on their location. To the point will be useful to have Google analytic that demonstrate exactly needed to sell chrome store extension stat.

Furthermore, care should be taken to ensure that the browser extension looks attractive to users. It’s a key to success of further promotion and as well to the more interesting offers from buyers. It’s about the new online business model in which developer creates a popular Store product and then promote it to sell chrome store extension at the end as a whole business to the big company.

In conclusion I’d like to mention that there is two main aspects of estimation and one secondary.

The first one is an amount of active users. The more the better is the golden rule to sell chrome store extension profitable. More likely, the estimation will be calculated consider first this value.

The second point you need to know is a region of an audience. It’s important for estimation and further promotion, because if buyer cannot support the extension on the language of the main part of users, such project unlikely will have success for him.

And the third facultative part is a presentation. If the browser extension looks awesome, it can be easier for promoting. As a result there will be more chances to sell chrome store extension faster and according to your expectation.   

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