New opportunities with Browser extension

We are all know extensions and add-ons are made to improve our browser experience and the whole online usage. We make all our efforts to provide the best practice of its functioning to jump over a big amount of competitors and finally snatch a hunk of burning as a lovely users and positive feedback.

What if the main part of work done, plugin works great and thankful users leave their feedback everyday for your pleasure? The time to think about next stage of your job. I’m speaking about creating some income for your hard work. I’m betting you’ve already received some offers about browser extension selling or donating. It leads us to conclude that there are two basic options.

The first thing that pops into your head is paid subscription. Pros and cons aren’t hidden in a plan sight. You are still a full owner of your plugin and continue watching for extension’s growing. Although, revenue from paid subscription isn’t so obvious as for browser extension selling. Everything depends on your subscribers, their opportunities, age, consciousness and many other factors.

The other thing is browser extension selling. It goes smooth and easy. The main complexity is to receive a solid offer and then you’ll just need to push a little. As a rule buyers are willing to pay of expected income for about a year and if you agree for browser extension selling, you can get a decent amount for your great job with a plugin.

Browser extension selling is the easiest and fastest way to get cash for your efforts as well as settle an additional business for regular income. We are all looking for new clues of revenue and only you can decide what is the better either paid subscription or browser extension selling.

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